Monday, July 22, 2013

My Wallpaper Requirements

Live Wallpaper Description

  • Must Support Android 2.3(API 10) and above.
  • Must support all Screen Sizes,Densities and REsolutions(LDPI,MDPI,HDPI,XHDPI including tablets).
  • Should be efficient in terms of Battery Usage of Phone.
  • Should be User Friendly.
  • Wallpaper should be similar or better than the given images in appearance.
  • As shown in given Images water should come from inside to Outside in screen giving 3D effects.
  • In the wallpaper small bubbles should be generated,where the water falls.
  • There should be mutiple themes(atleast 4), You can refer to the given Images for themes
  • User should be able to set/select the themes and other graphics
  • User can customize the wallpaper, can set/control the speed of flowing water.
  • There shouls be little sound of flowing water and user should be able to enable or disable the sound.
  • Flowing water will make sound only if user has enabled the sound.By Default sound is enabled.
  • When user touches the screen water waves should be generated giving 3D effects.(Similar effetc like when we swap the lock screen of Samsung Galaxy S3,S4 or Note)
  • When user toched the screen there should be some sound with the water waves generated.

  • You can refer to the Video link geiven here
  • Also refer the link 

Images for Reference

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