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Android TextSwitcher Example

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A TextSwitcher is a specialized ViewSwitcher that contains only children of type TextView. A TextSwitcher is useful to animate a label on screen. Whenever setText(CharSequence) is called, TextSwitcher animates the current text out and animates the new text in.

To learn Basic of Android Animation  go to  Android Animation Basics

Two types animations are required for  for TextSwitcher to switch between the texts.
1: In Animation: with which  Text come in the Screen.
2: Out Animation: with which Text goes out from the Screen.

As you can see in below image that current Text is going OUT and Next Text is Coming In


What we Need:

We need to set the in and out Animation type of TextSwitcher  like...

In Example, I have a TextSwitcher and a button called "NEXT" , when user clickes on NEXT button   TextSwitcher will switch between texts . The current Text will go OUT and next Text will come in with specified Animation.

TextSwitcher Example :

In this Example I have following layout


when user clickes on NEXT button   TextSwitcher will switch between texts . The current Text will go OUT and next Text will come in with specified Animation.


<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""

            android:layout_gravity="center_horizontal" />


public class MainActivity extends Activity

            private TextSwitcher mSwitcher;
            Button btnNext;
            // Array of String to Show In TextSwitcher
            String textToShow[]={"Main HeadLine","Your Message","New In Technology","New Articles","Business News","What IS New"};
            int messageCount=textToShow.length;
            // to keep current Index of text
            int currentIndex=-1;


            protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

                        // get The references
                        mSwitcher = (TextSwitcher) findViewById(;
                        // Set the ViewFactory of the TextSwitcher that will create TextView object when asked
                        mSwitcher.setFactory(new ViewFactory() {
                            public View makeView() {
                                // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                                // create new textView and set the properties like clolr, size etc
                                TextView myText = new TextView(MainActivity.this);
                                myText.setGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL);
                                return myText;

                        // Declare the in and out animations and initialize them 
                        Animation in = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this,android.R.anim.slide_in_left);
                        Animation out = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this,android.R.anim.slide_out_right);
                        // set the animation type of textSwitcher
                        // ClickListener for NEXT button
                        // When clicked on Button TextSwitcher will switch between texts
                        // The current Text will go OUT and next text will come in with specified animation

                        btnNext.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
                            public void onClick(View v) {
                                // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                                // If index reaches maximum reset it




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