Thursday, May 9, 2013

Publishibg Android Apps In Android Store

With my earlier posts, we learn about Android Components, Views and many other things . With all this knowledge we can create a goof Android App.

You may want to distribute your android apps so that user from each corner of the globe can use your app. You can also monetize(earn money) from your app.

How to publish Android App on Google Play

Publishing Android Apps in Android Store:

There are many android App stores where you can publish your Android App. Some appstore  charge one time fee or yearly fee and some offer free services.

Some of them are:

 List of Android Appstores:

Google Play - Google’s official Android app store, which features over 500,000 apps, as well as music and video streaming services.
Getjar - Free Appstore
Appia – runs an appstore service The Appia Network alongside it’s cross promotion platform
AppBrain - Website that helps users discover Android apps across the official Google Play store and other indie stores.
SlideMe - Provides ‘on device’ application store for device manufactures, as well as a web-based platform. Also offers app store solutions to niche markets.

AppsLib - Claims to be the second largest Android app store after Google Play. Specialises in lesser-known Android devices, such as tablets and eReaders, that are unable to get Google certification. Claims to have install base of over 2 million tablets worldwide.
Soci.i0 - Android-focused content store that provides apps, e-books (along with its own ebook reader), videos and music. Bills itself as an Android ‘mobile mall’.
1Mobile - Android app store that focuses mainly on games and claims over 60 thousand total apps.
Camangi - Android app store that focuses on apps built for larger 6-inch to 10-inch tablet devices. Claims to currently host over 100 apps.
Nook App Store - Official app store for Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, which runs on Android.
Appoke - Android app store with social features, allowing users to recommend apps to friends and earn credits to download paid apps.
Tegra Store - App store run by graphics chip company Nvidia. Highlights videogames that are designed for use with Nvidia’s Tegra smartphone chip.
Amazon Appstore - Amazon’s app store has been remarkable popular since the company launched its Kindle Fire tablet device. Currently boasts over 30,000 apps, and claims a higher paid app download rate than Google Play.
MiKandi - Android-only app store that focuses on adult-themed applications.
AndroidPit - App store run by the Berlin-based Android website AndroidPit. Includes apps selected by editorial team.
MatchFuel- Not quite an app store, but provides daily app videogame recommendations to Android users via a storefront. Formally known as Andspot.

How to Publish Android Apps:

Although the procedure for publishing apps on different appstores are different  but all of them require some common things like below

1: A Publisher Account: You need to create a Publisher Account.
2: Application Name: You need a Valid and Meaning full Application Name.
3: Application Detail: App detail in 100-3000 words
4: Screen Snapshots: number of screenshots varies in different Appstores
5: Application Icon: Good, meaningful and High Resolution Application Icon. 
6: .apk file: a .apk file of your application.

How to publish Android App on Google Play


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