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Getting IMEI Number and other Details

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IMEI Nmber Using TelePhony Manager

In Android, using TelephonyManager we can get many details of the phone and SIM like IMEI Number, SIM Serial ID, SIM state, Roaming information etc.


In order to get these details we must declare following permission in AndroidManifest file..
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" />

Have an  object of TelephonyMnager
TelephonyManager  tm=(TelephonyManager)getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);

Get IMEI Number of Phone

         String IMEINumber=tm.getDeviceId();

 Get Subscriber ID

          String subscriberID=tm.getDeviceId();

  Get SIM Serial Number

            String SIMSerialNumber=tm.getSimSerialNumber();

 Get Network Country ISO Code

             String networkCountryISO=tm.getNetworkCountryIso();

 Get SIM Country ISO Code

               String SIMCountryISO=tm.getSimCountryIso();

 Get the device software version

               String softwareVersion=tm.getDeviceSoftwareVersion()

 Get the Voice mail number

               String voiceMailNumber=tm.getVoiceMailNumber();

 Get the Phone Type CDMA/GSM/NONE

            int phoneType=tm.getPhoneType();

            switch (phoneType)
                    case (TelephonyManager.PHONE_TYPE_CDMA):

                               // your code
                    case (TelephonyManager.PHONE_TYPE_GSM) 

                               // your code                 
                    case (TelephonyManager.PHONE_TYPE_NONE):

                               // your code              

 Find whether the Phone is in Roaming, returns true if in roaming

             boolean isRoaming=tm.isNetworkRoaming();
                      phoneDetails+="\nIs In Roaming : "+"YES";
                     phoneDetails+="\nIs In Roaming : "+"NO";

Get the SIM state

            int SIMState=tm.getSimState();
                    case TelephonyManager.SIM_STATE_ABSENT :
                        // your code
                    case TelephonyManager.SIM_STATE_NETWORK_LOCKED :
                        // your code
                    case TelephonyManager.SIM_STATE_PIN_REQUIRED :
                        // your code
                    case TelephonyManager.SIM_STATE_PUK_REQUIRED :
                        // your code
                    case TelephonyManager.SIM_STATE_READY :
                        // your code
                    case TelephonyManager.SIM_STATE_UNKNOWN :
                        // your code




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  1. can you tell me how to get phone number...
    I'm using the getLine1Number() method of Telephony
    Manager but it return empty string..

    1. If the Phone Number is Stored in SIM then only getLine1Number() will return the phone number, otherwise it returns null. For some operators phone number is stored in SIM and for some others it is not stored in SIM.

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