Thursday, May 9, 2013

Preparing Your App for Publishing On Appstore

Now you have develop your fantastic android app, tested it and ready to launch.
But  your application must be signed with a private key.

Here I will describe how to sign your application using Eclipse, but before that make sure that you have given the correct version in manifest file.

Signing Android Application:

1: Right Click on Your Project Name in Project Explorer  and select  "EXPORT"

2: Select Export as Android Application

3: Select Create new Key Store radio button and give a path and file name where your private key will be stored , Enter the password  and Click Next.(Do not forget the password)

4:  Fill Out the required Fields.  and  click Next

5: Give the path and file name name of your final  .apk file  and click finish

You will get two file on your selected path , one is your key and other is your signed .apk  file.  You have to upload this .apk file to publish your app

Store the key in such a way you must not loose it or any body should not be able to modify it, because when you update your app  you will need this key.  Also you need the password given to create the key and to sign the app  because you will need both the password as well to update your app in future.

While updating do not forget to increment/update the version name and version number attribute in manifest file