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Progress Bar in Android


ProgressBar is used to show the progress of an operation.
Visual indicator of progress in some operation. Displays a bar to the user representing how far the operation has progressed; the application can change the amount of progress (modifying the length of the bar) as it moves forward. There is also a secondary progress displayable on a progress bar which is useful for displaying intermediate progress, such as the buffer level during a streaming playback progress bar.

Progress Bar Example

In this example I have shown the progress while downloading a file.

We can also customize a progress bar to make it more beautiful

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Customizing Progress Bar




        android:text="Progress Bar Example" />

        android:text="Start Downloading File" />


Note: To add a progress bar to a layout file, you can use the <ProgressBar> element. By default, the progress bar is a spinning wheel (an indeterminate indicator). To change to a horizontal progress bar, apply the Widget.ProgressBar.Horizontal style, like so:

public class ProgressBarActivity extends Activity

    Button btnStartProgress;
    ProgressDialog progressBar;
    private int progressBarStatus = 0;
    private Handler progressBarHandler = new Handler();

    private long fileSize = 0;

    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

    public void startProgressDialog(View V)

                    // prepare for a progress bar dialog
                    progressBar = new ProgressDialog(V.getContext());
                    progressBar.setMessage("Downloading File...");

                    //reset progress bar status
                    progressBarStatus = 0;

                    //reset filesize
                    fileSize = 0;

                    new Thread(new Runnable() {
                        public void run() {
                            while (progressBarStatus < 100) {

                                    // process some tasks
                                progressBarStatus = fileDownloadStatus();

                                //  sleep 1 second to show the progress
                                try {
                                catch (InterruptedException e) {

                                // Update the progress bar
                       Runnable() {
                                    public void run() {

                            // when, file is downloaded 100%,
                            if (progressBarStatus >= 100) {

                                // sleep 2 seconds, so that you can see the 100% of file download
                                try {
                                } catch (InterruptedException e) {

                                // close the progress bar dialog



  //method returns the % of file downloaded
    public int fileDownloadStatus()

        while (fileSize <= 1000000) {


                       if (fileSize == 100000) {
                            return 10;
                       } else if (fileSize == 200000) {
                           return 20;
                       } else if (fileSize == 300000) {
                          return 30;
                       } else if (fileSize == 400000) {
                          return 40;
                       } else if (fileSize == 500000) {
                          return 50;
                      } else if (fileSize == 600000) {
                         return 60;
            // write your code here


        return 100;


We can also customize a progress bar to make it more beautiful

 .Read How To Customize Progress Bar


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