Monday, February 5, 2018

Best daily Life Hacks and Others Which

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There are life-savers that we've put together to simplify your world. Tips/tricks/hacks that are so easy and simple that you will change your life forever. You've longed for these simple solutions and you know you need them bad because they are just miracles in disguise

If you type in any flight number into Google you can see exactly where the plane is.

11 Stress Relieving Foods -Bananas -Pasta -Almonds -Grapes -Green Tea -Oatmeal -Chocolate -Water melon -Orange Juice -Cornflakes -Tuna.

Turn the shower to cold before you get out. It closes your pores and makes you less likely to get acne.

Putting Vodka on your face reduces the chances of acne breakouts by tightening your pores.

Put old newspaper at the bottom of your trash bin, it will absorb any food juices and make for a cleaner disposal.

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