Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advance Android Topics

Customizing Radio Buttons                                                      Increasing Size of Checkboxes
Customizing Toast In Android                                                   Using Android TextSwitcher
Showing Toast for Longer Time                                                Android ViewFlipper
Customizing Checkboxes In Android                                        Android ImageSwitcher     
Customizing ProgressBar                                                         Android TextWatcher

 Android Animation
   Animating A Button In Android
Animation Using  ViewFlipper
  Scheduling task Using AlrmManager
  Detect Missed Calls In Android

Handling Keyboard and Screen Swap Events
 Handling Keyboard Events                                        Handling/Detecting Swap Events
 Left to Right and Right to Left Swipe Events          Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top Swap Events  
Android Gesture Detector  

Menus In Android                                                                ListView:
Creating Option Menu                                                               Populating ListView With DataBase
Creating Context Menu In Android                                              Populating ListView with ArrayList
                                                                                               ListView with Custom Adapter

Alert Dialog                                                                            DataBase/Storage
Adding Radio Buttons In Dialog                                          SharedPreferences In Android
Adding Check Boxes In Dialog                                            Creating Table In Android
Creating Customized Dialogs in Android                    Inserting, Deleting and Updating Records In Table
Creating Dialog To Collect User Input                            

 File Handling
Reading and Writing files to Internal Stoarage
Reading and Writing files to External Stoarage / SD Card



  1. Will you please do a tutorial on how to use a pre-populated database for an Android app? I have a database with 79 categories & about 20 lines per category. I've been having problems with getting the database copied to the Android device and/or getting a no such table error. Thank you!

  2. please show the titorial using third party application login

    like facebook or linkedin

    ex: login using facebook