Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Newest Added Android Tutorials

Customizing Radio Buttons  : In this Tutorial I have explained how we can customize the default /existing Android Radio Button to make it more beautiful and appealing.

Boot Reciever In Android : In this tutorial I have explained how to write a BootReciever and use it when Device/Phone finish booting procees. This is helpful and needed if you want to perform some task when device finishes booting.

Adding CheckBox in Dialog   : In this tutorial you will learn how to add checkboxes in dialog so that user can select/choose multiple options.

Cutomizeing ProgressBar:  In this tutorial How you can customize the Android Default ProgressBar.

Customizing Toast  : learn How we can customize (change Color, Style , Size ) Toast and add image in Toast.

Customizing Display Time of Toast : This tutorial explains about how can we show the Toast for longer time or for as much as we want.


  1. hi kamlesh, i am learning android, i am trying to create a simple alarm app. Can u please help me. no idea where to start. thanks in advance.

    1. Hi jayvignesh
      You can go through my post
      If you are still facing any problem, just let me know.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the information with us it was very informative.