Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beginning with Android

                                      Welcome to the world of android !

When I joined Samsung as an Engineer I had many questions in my mind that generally a fresh college graduate have, I was fresh graduate too. I had to work with android and thought were going in my mind "How will learn android"," Will I able to develop good android apps", and many more. 

gradually I go on  learning, trying, doing mistakes and able to develop my first android app which has been published on play and got 1000+ downloads in first 10 days.

So you will be thinking

what is the best way to learn android ?

Learning programming is much different that learning other subjects where we just read books keeping a pen and marker with us , making notes side by side, highlighting important lines .

Programming is learned by doing(and by just reading the theory and code) , and android so.

I have experienced this that whatever you read do it. Once you do , you will learn and enjoy.
Learning android and developing apps in android is always enjoying.
Trying , doing mistakes, reading again , goggling, will make you a good android developer .

I will advise you have a good book or eBook  of android to consult when you need.

So "All The Best"


  1. To start as a beginner,
    which book do you will recommend?

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    2. Hi Ankit
      To start as a beginner, you can follow any android book like "Wrox Professional Android" But only reading book does not help you much, you have to use it, I mean whatever you read, learn it through creating apps.

      Also you can use this blog to learn. "Click on Android Tutorial link" top left corner, and go through the topics in sequence.

      If you need android books, I can mail you few eBooks on Android.

    3. Hi kamlesh can you pls mail the e-books u have to learn android, i will be very thankful to you

  2. hiii kamlesh ..
    i want to learn android so can you refer me some books with programming ...or if you have plz send me on my mail id ...

    1. hi iam jyohikumar,i want to learn android so can you refer me some books with programming ...or if you have plz send me on my mail id ...kumarandroid9