Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Why Not to Buy Samsung LED TV

Why Not to Buy  Samsung LED TV

In this post I will discuss why not to Buy High Cost TVs of Top Brands.

First of All I will narrate my Story.

I have 2 Samsung LED Tvs, 

1: Samsung 40 Inches Full HD LED TV    Cost 55000 (4 Year Old)
2: Samsung 49 Inches Curved Full HD LED TV  Cost 90000.(1 Year 1 Month Old)

Also In my home all electronic product are of Samsung.

Just few days ago due a little power fluctuation, my both SAMSUNG TV's Power Supply and Screen Panel GONE.

The cost to repair 40 Inch TV is 30000+The cost to repair 49 Inch TV is not estimated by technician yet. it is expected to be 50000+.

The power fuluctuation was so little that it did not harmed any other product of my Home like Tubes etc.

Is this the quality of Samsung ? For this quality we are paying so much Cost ?

So Now I have decided not to buy any Samsung Product in future and also recommend not to buy any Samsung Product(High Cost Products)

So Which TV to Buy

Comparison of High Cost TV Brands and Low Cost TV Brands.

This comparison will help you to decide which  TV to Purchase

1: Cost : A Samsung 43 Inch Full HD LED TV Costs around 45000(MRP 49000  while a Intex or other lower brand 43 Inch Full HD TV costs around 23000.
Other brands TVS are avialable at half price.

Now you will say about quality. Yes I agree that there is difference in Quality, but when it comes to Full HD TV, there is not much disnguishable difference in Picture Quality.

Durability : Nothing can be said becasue my both Samsung TVs (49 Inch LED TC was just 1 year old) power supply and Pannel GONE in just small fluctuation.

2: Repair Cost : If something bad happens with your TV, the repair cost is very, very high. It is so high that you can buy a new TV.
In my case the repair cost for 40 Inch tv is  30000,   while I can but i new Intex TV 40 Inch in 23000.

Advise: Go for Low Cost TVs. Becasue they cost about half and their repair cost is also low.
As I said that I can buy a new TV in less amount than to repair my Samsung TV.